A few decades ago, when a solution was required for the expanding safe digging requirements and legislation in North America, the industry established the Hydro Vac Excavator as the preferred piece of equipment. Utilizing high pressure water to dig around delicate buried infrastructure systems, alongside a vacuum system to remove the dislodged soil proved to be a safe and effective way to carry out excavations around underground utilities. 

While this method has been the standard in North America, European countries went in a different direction and instead of using water to create slurry, they used air tools and high-powered suction systems. This option was overlooked in North America as dry vacuum equipment had been tried but mostly proved inefficient.

However, the powerful systems engineered by German firm MTS Saugbagger are far more advanced than anything currently being used in North America, and their dedication to consistently improve their systems makes the MTS Dino Series suction excavator arguably the most effective vacuum excavation tool in the global market. The versatile Power Arm, on site side tipping capabilities, 320 PSI on board compressors, and 24,000 CFM suction power are the first impressive aspects of the Dino Series, but the integrated safety systems, onboard tooling options, ‘IKE’ – oscillating, rotating hose attachment, makes this system perform at a much higher throughput rate than the majority of the vacuum excavation equipment out there – with one outstanding advantage. No need for water.

As most hydro vac service providers in North America are now realizing, the product of each excavation is waste and needs to be properly disposed of, which adds to their cost of operations. They also heavily rely on water, and water usage fees in some regions are skyrocketing.

It turns out that the initial solution for safe digging in North America worked well for a time but thanks to Ox Equipment, the REAL solution has arrived!


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The patented technology that was engineered into the MTS Dino Series ensures that every component and moving part optimizes performance and works flawlessly when introduced to dry materials. The majority of vacuum excavation equipment might be able to contend with the 24,000 CFM, twin fan power, but as exposure to dry materials increases, the MTS Dino Series increases throughput while every other piece of vacuum excavation equipment decreases in productivity and even heads toward breakdown.

Advanced dry suction excavation technology is not simply another non-destructive excavation method for projects involving underground utilities, it also places a priority on mitigating overall asset risk on any given project. The MTS Dino Series creates clean, dry work environments for operators and utilizes innovative sensory equipment to control a variety of different hazards.

The MTS Dino Series Suction Excavator is capable of replacing multiple pieces of equipment on a job site which eliminates logistical planning and coordination. Digging dry keeps excavated materials unaltered so removal, disposal and the need for new backfill materials can all be avoided, and the equipment associated with those tasks wouldn’t be required. The combination of those logistical efficiencies and excavated material management, will effectively decrease your overall project costs.
Being built for dry means being equipped to tackle a wide variety of environmental factors without compromising on productivity. The MTS Dino Series Suction Excavators reduce the carbon footprint of any project by eliminating the need for water, which means there’s no material waste or disposal, there’s no hauling during the project, and there’s no need for backfill or restoration equipment. Building these efficiencies into the MTS Dino Series Suction Excavators gives them a clear advantage in the industry.