Eric Chevrier

Environmental Scientist, ON, Canada

“By having a suction excavator on our job, we were able to visibly evaluate our boreholes, in a particularly utility dense area, in order to have full confidence our locations were clear before the commencement of our drilling program. The ability of the suction excavator to dump the soil cuttings in tight quarters greatly sped up the backfilling process which allowed us to meet strict project deadlines. Furthermore, the dumping capabilities of the vac truck led to an overall cleaner and safer workspace as minimal housekeeping was necessary upon completion of the daylighting program. “

Peter Kuntz

Registered Professional Forester, Kuntz Forestry Consulting Inc., ON, Canada

“…Dry Vac technology is the best. It’s a fantastic technology that allows us to get into the trench and perform those best management practices and give the tree a fighting chance. Long hoses allow for dry vacuum of the soil [in the back yard] which will then be replaced later to backfill the trench… Before dry vac was hydro vac, and that’s the same sort of technology using water, but due to the pressures of the water coming out of the hose, it tends to be damaging to the cambium of the roots, and that’s not a good thing. So with the advent of dry vac technology, it is fantastic technology to use for preserving trees.”

Greg Wiley

Company Owner, Innovative Equipment Solutions, AB, Canada

“We`re in our second season of operating suction excavators, and they bring to the industry some pretty significant benefits, financially, environmentally. They’re a safe, efficient, environmentally responsible piece of equipment. We’re pretty happy to be bringing in new equipment, an Ox, MTS unit from the team in Ontario. I think we have a great relationship going and we’re going to continue to build on this technology. In 2017 our equipment prevented 1.8 million kg of slurry from going to the landfill, which is pretty significant, but so is the disposal costs associated with that. Trucking time, the crew that has to mix that stuff off and prepare it to go to the landfill. Airspace is pretty valuable nowadays and so is our water… The truck is fantastic, I mean, the safety that’s incorporated into it…. Yah I’m very excited. The capabilities are there, we go toe to toe and do comparisons with hydro vacs all the time, and this one’s, .. it’s industry leading equipment. The team at Ox has been phenomenal, I mean the support, they answer the questions when I need them, and I think that will only continue to grow as we build the fleet.”