Tree root protection

Pressurized air has long been used as the preferred method of safely digging around tree roots.
Rather than cutting through or damaging outer layers of the root, air flows around them, and removes the dirt, while leaving even the smallest root intact.

Withu00a0 a dual compressor system and a 225 cfm nozzle, even difficult soil can be removed to provide access to utilities under tree root systems, and, unlike hydro vacs, provide a dry working environment for utility technicians and arborists to do their job professionally and safely.

native soil relocation

While digging with air keeps the roots safe, adding the 24,000 CFM suction capabilities ensures that all the material surrounding the tree is picked up dry, and can be either placed back around the roots or moved alongside the tree. Tree service experts know that if a tree receives this sort of treatment, the likelihood of it’s well being is hugely increased, with many added benefits to the health of the tree.

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